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Nanophotonic cavity cooling of a single atom

Authors: Chenwei Lv, Ming Zhu, Sambit Banerjee, Chen-Lung Hung
Journal Ref: arXiv:2304.04741, Phys. Rev. A 108, 023120 (2023).

We investigate external and internal dynamics of a two-level atom strongly coupled to a weakly pumped nanophotonic cavity. We calculate the dipole force, friction force, and stochastic force due to the cavity pump field, and show that a three-dimensional cooling region exists near the surface of a cavity. Using a two-color evanescent field trap as an example, we perform three-dimensional Monte-Carlo simulations to demonstrate efficient loading of single atoms into a trap by momentum diffusion, and the stability of cavity cooling near the trap center. Our analyses show that cavity cooling can be a promising method for directly loading cold atoms from free-space into a surface micro-trap. We further discuss the impact of pump intensity on atom trapping and loading efficiency.