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We are interested in using tabletop atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) systems to engineer novel quantum materials and study intriguing phenomena discussed across disciplines, from condensed matter to cosmology. To address topics over such a wide range, we exploit physics governed by universality, with which a cold cloud of dilute gases, for example, can behave similarly as an exotic quantum material in solid states or even as a cosmic fluid in the early universe. AMO systems allow us to apply quantum control and measurements with great precision, offering a clean designer platform to explore fundamental issues in quantum mechanics, field theory, and statistical physics.

Our lab will utilize the extreme tunability and addressability of atomic quantum gases to study challenging questions including emergent phenomena and non-equilibrium dynamics in many-body systems with strong correlations. Further lines of research include building hybrid atom-nanophotonic quantum devices, and exploring new avenues of topological quantum materials using strongly interacting light and matter. You can read about our past research in the following links. 

Prior results on quantum gases

Recent results on quantum optics

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